Permanent Staffing

We undertake end-to-end recruitment process for you starting from sourcing of candidates to salary negations with candidates. Getting the right candidates at the right time is every HR Managers dream. At Desteneer™, we work towards achieving that dream for you. We have considerable expertise in providing Permanent Staffing at various levels. Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs, both technically and culturally.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing, though an accepted practice in the developed countries is fast catching up in India. And among the leading players in this field is Desteneer™ with its vast experience in Recruitment and Consulting fields. Our temporary staffing solutions give you a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs.

Customers can avail of our pool of candidates for their requirement for a specified period. The employees would be in Desteneer™’s Payrolls and we also would take care of the statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a particular project.