Soft Skills Training

The soft skills you gain will equip you to excel in your professional life and in your personal life. It is a continuous learning process.

Soft Skills Training is an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Personality & professionalism. The Soft Skills Training SNWI focuses on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.

Our soft skills training can be created for personnel at any level in the organization. Entry level programs typically focus on basic skills, using checklists, good and bad examples, and so on.

In addition to process and product knowledge, employees also need training on soft skills such as leadership, communication, listening skills, and logical thinking.

Many professionals and organizations we have worked with point out that soft skills are high in the list of requirements for global business; hence an important part of management training. They have found that soft skills such as Cultural Sensitivity, Business Etiquette and good Communication Skills (telephone etiquette, email etiquette, information gathering and listening skills) make a greater impact on clients from across the world rather than a high degree of technical skills.

Our Training Covers:

  • Failure Management
  • Improving success ratio & Performance
  • SWOT Analysis (based on psychology test)
  • Management a different perspective
  • Communication Concept
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Time & Time Management
  • Stress & stress Management
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Decision Making
  • Thinking Patterns
  • Speaking & Leadership Skills
  • Managing Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dynamic Meditation